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A defacement is considered in all countries an unauthorized computer access, a denial of service action therefore a CRIME under all means, even if you don't think so. The activity of defacing to warn the administrator of a bugged server about its vulnerable status is considered a crime too and a questionable ethical conduct.
Aljyyosh.org accepts your notifications but doesn't support, condone, justify at all any defacing activity. Instead, we welcome you to stop such activity or else you might face the same destiny of some notorious defacers who got arrested and jailed. See the following examples:


You might want to consider instead, the possibility to quit your ILLEGAL activity before getting jailed (because you will) as other defacers did before you. See this example:


If you have any question or if you need any help or advice to convince you about all of the above, feel free to contact any of the Aljyyosh.org staff members.

DISCLAIMER: all the information contained in Aljyyosh.org's cybercrime archive were either collected online from public sources or directly notified anonymously to us. Aljyyosh.org is neither responsible for the reported computer crimes nor it is directly or indirectly involved with them. You might find some offensive contents in the mirrored defacements. Aljyyosh.org didn't produce them so we cannot be responsible for such contents.

If you are the administrator of an hacked site which is mirrored in Aljyyosh.org, please note that Aljyyosh.org is not related at all with the defacements itself.

Don't ask us to remove the mirror of your defaced website, as a cybercrime archive Aljyyosh.org's mission is to keep the entries in the database.

All the self-produced material belongs to Aljyyosh.org. You are free to use it as long as proper credits to Aljyyosh.org are reported as by the CC license reported below.

Aljyyosh.org is not responsible for the use/misuse of the published information, you can use it at your own risk.

We don't accept notifications through email, IP address notifications, notifications with fake and/or created subdomains by notifier or with wrong attack methods selected.

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