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H - Homepage defacement
M - Mass defacement (click to view all defacements of this IP)
R - Redefacement (click to view all defacements of this site)
- Special defacement (special defacements are important websites)

We don't accept notifications through email, IP address notifications, notifications with fake and/or created subdomains by notifier or with wrong attack methods selected.

Time Notifier H M R Domain OS View
2013-05-22 SyR!4N M43STR0 http://dindasalad.com/ Linux mirror
2013-05-22 SyR!4N M43STR0 http://academiawellness.com.br/ Linux mirror
2013-05-22 SyR!4N M43STR0 http://code-id.com/myfile/ Linux mirror
2013-05-22 SyR!4N M43STR0 http://metisindia.com/ Linux mirror
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